is one of the most widespread printing methods in polygraphic industry. Its principle consists in that ink is transferred on paper by means of an intermediate offset cylinder, where it is supplied from printing plates. Leaflets, booklets, brochures, catalogues, calendars are manufactured with offset printing.

this technology doesn’t regard such intermediate actions as film processing, printing plate production, that’s why digital printing method is the quickest. Printing is performed with CMYK ink and it’s impossible to use Pantone ink in this case. Instant printing of advertising and business issues and printing of on-demand products are performed with digital printing.

or screen printing is one of the oldest technologies where silk was used as a base for printing plates. The main principle consists in squeezing of ink through printing areas of a plate (“separator”) onto print material: paper, carton, fabric, polyethylene, plastic, metal, glass etc.

is a quick and economical printing method which is used in the field of labelling service. An image is transferred to an article using pad blocks from elastic flexible material which takes the form of an article that makes it possible to print on surfaces of any shape: pens, lighters, pendants, watch, calculators, mugs, pencils, rulers etc.

is a type of letterpress printing where flexible (rubber, photopolymer) printing plates are used. Roller interacting with squeegee is covered with low-viscosity fast-setting ink (with light solvents) and transfers it to any material (including non-absorbent materials).

is a printing of large format images on: banner reinforced fabric (PVC),vinyl film, building wrap, paper and canvas. Broadsheet printing is used for decoration of exhibitions, shop-windows, transport, sales areas, and interiors.

is a process of lacquer application either to the whole sheet surface or to separate parts of image for lustering, protection, accentuation of separate details of an image.

is a coverage of polygraphic products with an overlay. Lamination allows to preserve attractive appearance of polygraphic products for long and protects it from dirtying and mechanical damage.

is a process of application of foil to paper and carton by means of toner bridging of laser printer or copying machine with metallized foil under the influence of high temperature which allows to decorate printed material with colour (gold, silver, bronze, coloured metallics).

is a finishing operation which allows to get decorative effect of «lifting» (volume)of printing products.

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